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The best white label platform for live online auctions with a unique solution for a synchronized auction across multiple platforms.

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What's included

Easy To Use

Our intuitive design is easy to use for customers of any age

Mobile friendly Design

Your customers can attend your live auction on any device.

Customizable Layout

Use your own brand colors
and logo.

White Label

Don't send you customers away to another platform.

Fixed price

Unlike other online bidding solutions, we don't charge a commission on the hammer price.

Low Latency

Your customers will be able to follow the auction in near real time.

Compatible with major auction platforms

Using multiple platforms has never been so easy

With Quantum Auctions you can provide your existing customer base with a cost-effective solution to join your auction online. You can still benefit from the exposure of platforms like Invaluable, LiveAuctioneers or The Saleroom, but ideally only new customers will use these platforms to bid. These platforms usually require one clerk per platform. With Quantum Auctions you only need a single employee to command all platforms at once. This not only saves you even more money, but also avoids turmoil when auctions run out of sync.

Advantages of Quantum Auctions

Why do I need my own live auction?

For many auction houses it's a matter of pride to not send their customers away to another platform. Additionally, these external platforms essentially charge you for receiving your customers only to then charge you again to have access to them. On top of the once-off fee, they charge 3 to 5 percent commission on the hammer price. Many auction houses pass this fee on to their customers, not realizing that this will reduce how much customers bid. It might also incentivize customers to telephone bid instead which is a costly service to provide. So either way, it's lost revenue for the auction house.

So why should I keep posting my lots on an external platform?

Platforms like LiveAuctioneers and Invaluable can generate additional exposure for your products. One of the primary objectives of running a successful auction house is to create competition around their lots. Because of customer attrition you will always need to find new potential customer to stay in business. Ideally, you would only use these platforms to list your lots and host the sale on your own platform. In absence of this option, the next best thing is to run the auction on their platform, but only have first-time buyers bidding there. Customers who bought from you before can be directed to your own platform, so the majority of sales will be made there.

What's so special about Quantum Auctions?

What separates us from other white label auction offers is that we have the facility to synchronize your auction with one or more external platforms. You will only need one clerk for all online bidding platforms. Apart from the money you save on labour, one often overlooked aspect is that all of your auctions will be perfectly in sync. If auctions are held with one clerk per platform, confusion is inevitable. Since ask prices, bids and increments need to be entered manually by the clerks, you will frequently run into situations where bids have to be disregarded or the auction is held up. Customers who are eager to buy a specific lot can get very angry if they are unable to bid.


499 / auction


  • 50 € setup for custom logo and colors
  • Free video training
  • 50 € for live training
  • 300 bidders / watchers
  • 50 € per additional 100 bidders / watchers*
  • 100 € setup for custom domain
  • 500 € setup for custom login
  • 50 € for the first external platform
  • 100 € per additional external platform
1499 / year


  • 4 auctions
  • 250 € per additional auction
  • Custom Logo and colors
  • Free video training
  • Free live training
  • 300 bidders / watchers
  • 40 € per additional 100 bidders / watchers*
  • Custom domain
  • 300 € setup for custom login
  • One external platform included
  • 100 € per additional external platform
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  • Unlimited auctions
  • Custom Logo and colors
  • Free video training
  • Free live training
  • 300 bidders / watchers
  • Additional bidders on request*
  • Custom domain
  • 300 € setup for custom login
  • One external platform included
  • Additional platforms on request

* we do not limit the number of bidders / watchers during your auction. However, we need to plan appropriate resources in order to guarantee performance and low latency. If there is significantly more interest in your auction, it might cause the system to slow down to a point where is becomes unusable. In case of such an emergency, we can react by scaling our systems within minutes. But if you anticipate your auction to be popular, it's best to avoid such a situation. We found that 300 bidders / watchers is suitable for most auction houses. Talk to us if you're unsure.